mobile reptile showsSnakeman®, snake catcher Melbourne, Raymond Hoser.

In Australia and probably everywhere else as well, there is no more experienced snake handler than Raymond Hoser.

As shown in family videos from 1967, he was catching and handling venomous snakes at age five.  With over 40 years of handling snakes and global snake catching experience, the Hoser name is known to everyone with a serious interest in reptiles and wildlife.

Hoser’s discovered and named species of python and numerous venomous snakes from Australia and elsewhere.  He’s published the definitive scientific research papers on Rattlesnakes, Cobras and giant snakes.

Hoser’s business Snakebusters is best known for doing emergency snake capture and is a regular in the taboid media for this sort of thing.

When news media want an expert opinion on Snakes and all things reptile, they can’t go parst the Snakeman Raymond Hoser for accurate information.

Snakebusters as a company is actually quite a diversified outfit.  In fact the main part of the business is reptile education, for which the company is a global leader.

Snakebusters does live reptile shows, snake displays, school reptile incursions and exhibitions in Melbourne, kids parties, reptiles exhibitions and more.

What separates Snakebusters reptile shows from all others in Melbourne are several important facts.  One is that Hoser’s company is the only hands-on reptile handling shows that lets people hold reptiles.  Other companies either do, “show and tell” or boring static displays only.  Hoser’s reptile shows are also the only venomous snakes shows on earth that are guaranteed safe, because he was the first to successfully surgically devenomize the world’s most dangerous snakes.

Hoser’s staff, trained personally by himself, have the benefit of over 40 years world-leading experience in their training.  This training is also available through Snakebusters snake keeping training and reptile handling courses which are conducted in all parts of Australia and also internationally and independently rated the best in the business.

For those without the time or money to engage in such a course, the countless scientific and technical papers by Snakeman Raymond Hoser, many available on the web, makes accurate and leading information on reptiles available to all.

This is particularly important as nowadays a lot of information on the internet about reptiles is false, misleading and erroneous, either due to lack of research by the writer, or unstated commercial objectives by the author or website owner.

For reptile keepers accurate information is critical because wrong information can lead to husbandry issues and even death of captive reptiles.

For those who handle venomous reptiles, wrong information may increase the risk of serious bite or injury.

In other words, if you need accurate information in the form of printed material, courses, displays or even at a birthday party, it makes sense to demand the source be the Snake Man Ray Hoser and Snakebusters.

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